Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Discout Cuban Cigars Online (DCCO) Refund, Reship, Cancellation and Return Policy

What our satisfaction guarantee covers:

  • As cigars are an organic product, flavour will certainly vary from cigar to cigar and from batch to batch, it will also depend on how long they have been allowed to mature in your humidor. We cannot cover personal preference, there is no exact consistency across cigar references and brands and any variations are obviously out of our control.
  • We guarantee the cigar’s authenticity, namely if we supply Cuban cigars they will be authentic Cuban cigars. We only source and sell authentic Cuban cigars.

We may from time to time stock and resell non-Cuban cigars, this will be made clear in our product listing as to the country of origin and other specificities i.e. handmade Nicaraguan cigars.

  • From time to time the Cubans complete a final inspection. They then close and ship the boxes and on occasion they forget to reseal them. Additionally, it is also possible for seals to moisten and drop off while stored in the humidor. We will never open a box unless you request this in the “special instructions” at checkout. If any box has been opened without this selected, this has been done by Cuban quality control. We will never guarantee you will receive an unopened box. We can guarantee that you will receive authentic Cuban cigars.
  • We ship worldwide to any of the listed countries in our drop down tab on the check out page, to defined and specified customer destinations except temporary accommodation such as hotels, PO Boxes or APO Boxes. This is on the basis of customers having taken reasonable steps to check with their local customs that the purchased goods are acceptable to import to their location. Use of business addresses, shared accommodation or requests to leave parcels with a neighbour will be honoured if specified at the time of checkout, however these options and those like them are done at the customer’s own risk. See below for more information.
  • For all first orders we will only ship to the billing address. Any orders following this can be delivered to a shipping address that is different to the billing address. This option is only available to customers who sign up as members and go though our account registration. We ship to alternate addresses at the customer’s request and on the basis that customer has followed our related terms and conditions. However, choosing shipping options separate to delivering to the billing address is done at the customer’s own risk.
  • We guarantee to ship direct to our customers to the address confirmed and specified by the purchaser. We will provide tracking information for each and every order whereby a signature from the customer who placed the order will be required on delivery. The customer must ensure themselves or if previously specified, an authorised person is available at the nominated delivery address to receive and sign for the delivery. If the parcel is accepted and or signed for by a party other than the purchaser listed on the billing information and order instructions, we accept no liability.
  • We guarantee to replace items lost or damaged in transit as long as goods were shipped to the correct customer address at the time of placing the order and the purchasing customer was (or pre-nominated person) present to receive and accept the delivery. Damaged goods must be photographed and these photographs then supplied to us as soon as the damage is noticed. The damaged items must then be returned via the “refund and returns” procedure. Please get in touch via the contact us page or email us on info@discountcubancigarsonline.com for return authorisation.

From time to time we request the purchaser provide photo ID in order to manage fraud prevention and to ensure the purchaser is of the legal age to purchase age restricted items. Without the required photo ID supplied, the order maybe delayed or cancelled at our discretion and in line with the onus upon us relating to fraud prevention and legal culpabilities when selling age restricted items. We may also request proof of address or similar alongside the aforementioned photo ID.

  • Our guarantee covers damage or mold (not plume).
  • Our arrival guarantee applies up to 45 days after shipment date, all non arrivals and additional issues must be dealt with within this time frame. We cannot reship, or refund after this period.
  • We provide flat rate shipping for Europe and all other destinations. Our shipping comes with tracking, signature and insurance as standard.
  • We guarantee that our cigars have been stored in expertly humidified humidors and are properly wrapped and vacuum sealed to ensure where possible the cigars are received in an undamaged and the best possible condition, so as to be smoked straight out of the box. On occasion, due to factors out of our control, delays with shipping carriers or similar are always possible. However, we have taken every care and precaution possible to ensure you receive the best possible product.
  • Issues such as damage or mold, incorrect shipment or similar must all be dealt with on arrival/immediate receipt of goods. Please inspect your cigars and immediately inform us of any concern, as this needs to be dealt with at that time and reported to us with photographs and other related and supporting evidence and documentation no later than 48 hours from receipt of goods.


Discout Cuban Cigars Online (DCCORefund and Returns

Shipping Address

We will ship to all customer specified destinations worldwide from our custom built humidor and warehousing facility based in Switzerland via Swiss Post. This is on the basis of customers taking reasonable steps to check with their local customs in the customers location where the goods are to be delivered, that goods are acceptable to import to their location. This is the responsibility of the purchaser, we cannot know all local charges and customs procedures for all destinations/ countries and therefore cannot be held responsible for any failures in the purchasers due diligence. However, as a general rule of thumb if Cuban cigars are available to purchase in your domestic market it is likely that there would not be issues importing them from us. We generally ship to across Europe to UK, Sweden, Denmark, France, Spain and many other international addresses with little to no issues. We offer an upgrade option to our premium shipping for just an extra £5, which includes international insurance covering damage, theft and parcels lost in transit. 

Our delivery, refund and replacement guarantees do not cover confiscations by government agencies. 

Ultimately, our goods are not prohibited in many regions/countries, we are simply cheaper, in part as our goods are duty free and based on the volume we purchase and supply. Our Cuban cigars are authentic cigars and in no way inferior to other Cuban cigars on the market or available to you locally.  



In order to receive a refund for damage, incorrect shipment or similar we will require you to return the items unused. Please contact us prior to returning your items so that we can provide a Return Number, we will then refund you upon receipt of the returned goods.

If you receive cigars that are damaged, please contact us within 48 hours to receive your Return Number and the return details. The cigars must be in their original packaging and the seals unbroken and we will refund for unused products. Please take and supply photographs of damage as soon as it is noticed.

We will not accept a return without the following:

  1. “Return Number” and return authority provided by DCCO.
  2. “Return Number” and return instructions provided by DCCO clearly displayed on the package label.

Return postage cost must be arranged by the customer. We suggest using a tracked method for return shipping with insurance to avoid any issues. If not, you are returning mid to high value items at a great personal risk, which we take no responsibility for.

Please note we will only refund the initial shipping cost charged at the time of purchase if our experts determine the cigars are defective in any way, or the incorrect cigars have been shipped.


Non Arrival

Shipping usually takes 7-28 working days and can be longer over holiday periods, please allow this for arrival. We do not ship to temporary accommodation such as hotels or PO, APO Boxes or similar. Please do not use this type of address as your shipping address, we will not be held responsible for losses in this instance. Shipping to shared accommodation, business addresses or to leave goods with a neighbour is done at the customer’s own risk.

Should your cigars not arrive after 45 working days (excluding weekends and holidays), at this point we will reship or refund your order providing the correct shipping details were provided and the customer has taken reasonable steps to ensure that these were indeed correct, someone was present to receive the order and local duties were paid to customs at the destination address (if required). Any rejected orders or refusals to pay relevant customs charge if any, will not be covered under this guarantee and restocking and administration costs will apply to rejected orders when we receive the physical return of these rejected items in unused and undamaged condition, so that we may restock and resell these items with no issues.

PLEASE NOTE: Check your address carefully before completing your order and ensure it complies with our terms of shipment and the address is correct. This guarantee will not cover an incorrectly entered shipping address. The place of delivery must be a secure location, this is the customer’s responsibility to ensure goods are received securely by the named purchaser.


Cancelling an order

Please review your selection carefully before completing payment, once payment has been completed it is unlikely that we will be able to prevent shipping in time due to the high volume of enquiries and orders we receive. Therefore, we cannot cancel an order once it has been finalised and paid.


Contacting Us

If you have questions or need to be supplied a “return address” and “return number” please use our contact enquiry page or email us info@discountcubancigarsonline.com. We will answer any questions, usually within 48 hours of submission, thank you for your business.