Sancho Panza

Sancho Panza

Like the well known Cuban cigar brands such as Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta, Sancho Panza is also named after a masterpiece of world literature. Namely after the rustic squire character from Don Quixote written by Miguel de Cervantes in his 1605 novelThe charactername was first used for a Cuban cigar brand pre-revolution in 1848 and has enjoyed a long established and deserved reputation for quality amongst the most discerning cigar Aficionado’s. 


The range today comprises three vitolas including the Molino or Mill, which is a Cervantes size. All Cuban produced Sancho Panza cigars are completely handmade (totalmente a mano) from long-filler tobacco (Tripa Larga) sourced from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba. The brand is known for the larger sizes in its range, one of which is the gigantic Sanchos as well as the figurado Belicosos. Sancho Panza cigars are medium-bodied, using a blend known for its distinctive, sometimes salty taste that appeals to some Havana cigar aficionados. 

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This is the name used by the factory to define a specific cigar type of "Vitola" - that is, the ring size, length, shape, and cap finish.


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