Jose L. Piedra

Jose L. Piedra

José L. Piedra is a particularly noteworthy Habano, not only because its blend is composed of filler tobaccos grown exclusively in the Remedios tobacco region, but also because it is made using the Totalmente a Mano Tripa Corta, or ‘totally hand made, short filler’ technique. The Piedra family came to Cuba in the 1880’s from the Spanish province of Asturias, they settled near the town of Santa Clara, which lies at the heart of the Remedios region where tobacco has been grown since the 16th Century and started to make cigars. 


The family’s second generation led by José Lamadrid Piedra, whose name is commemorated today, founded and developed the brand. 


The José L. Piedra cigars are made from Remedios tobaccos using the traditional Tripa Corta Totalmente a Mano short filler, all completely hand made, a technique and blend that provides a medium to full flavour. 


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