Hoyo de Monterrey

Hoyo de Monterrey

Established in the 1850s by José Gener, who emigrated to Cuba from Spain in 1831. The Hoyo de Monterrey brand produces many vitolas in Cuba for Habanos SA. Once the cigar brand gained popularity Gener registered the name Hoyo de Monterrey, this translates as ‘Hole of Monterrey’. Many believe this was related to the favorable concave terrain for growing tobacco within this region. 


The Hoyo de Monterrey brand is world renowned and has grown to be incredibly popular since its launch and are extremely popular cigar across Europe with strong recognition in the UKFollowing Gener’s passing in 1900, the company was inherited by his daughter, Lutgarda Generit remained a family business for a further three decades. 


In 1931, the Gener family sold the brand so as to focus more on their sugarcane interests. Fernández, Palicio y Cía bought Hoyo de Monterrey and La Escepción brands were added to their impressive line-up, which already included Punch. 


After the Cuban revolution and the unilateral nationalisation of the Cuban cigar manufactures in 1959, Fernando Palicio voluntarily left Cuba for Florida. He sold his cigar lines to the Florida based Villazon family. They continue to date to make the non-Cuban Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey and Belinda cigars in their Tampa, Florida factory from Honduran tobacco, largely for the American market. 


The Cuban owned and operated Hoyo de Monterrey continued production in Cuba and in Honduras and is still a popular, globally marketed Cuban cigar line. Among connoisseurs, the Epicure No. 2, Double Coronas and Le Hoyo series are highly regarded. 


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