Diplomáticos was the first new brand of Cuban cigars following the Cuban Revolution which were sold to the public and Cohiba was the very first brand created post-Revolution. Cohiba was only for President Fidel Castro's private consumption and as diplomatic gifts and was not sold to the public until 1982.


Diplomáticos was initially created in 1966 as a "value" Montecristo. This brand was largely aimed towards the French cigar market. The Diplomáticos offering followed the original Montecristo range as it also had five numbered sizes, however, the tobacco blend used for this brand is milder than Montecristo. Most likely to cater to the taste of French cigar smokers and nowadays is usually still a bit cheaper in price than corresponding Montecristo sizes. All these cigars are superbly hand made.


The original line consisted of just five numbered sizes matching that of Montecristo. In 1976 No.6 and No.7 were introduced. They were the same size as the Montecristo Especial No.1 and Especial No.2, they were however discontinued a few years later in the mid-1980s.

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This is the name used by the factory to define a specific cigar type of "Vitola" - that is, the ring size, length, shape, and cap finish.


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