A brand created and established by Zino Davidoff, who originally started producing cigars in Cuba circa 1969. The 1970's saw tremendous success for the Davidoff brand as cigar shops opened to the public all over the world, selling what is now regarded as a premium and exceptional range of cigars crafted in the then new "El Laguito" factory in the suburbs of Havana.


By 1991 the love affair was over between Davidoff and Cuba and the production of all Cuban Davidoff's ceased thereafter. Zino Davidoff died on 14th January 1994, this was however not before he had switched production of his unique and special brand to the Dominican Republic in around 1990.


As it presently stands the Davidoff brand embraces eight different ranges of premium handmade cigars. 1) the exclusive Limited Edition 2) Zino Platinum Scepter Series 3) Millennium Blend Aniversario Series 4) Grand Cru Range 5) Mille Range 6) Specials 7) Classic Range which includes the well known Davidoff Nos.1, 2, 3 and Ambassadrice. Thes cigar tobacco utilised are across five different blends of tobacco are each aged for a minimum of four years to ensure a smooth and refined distinctive taste.

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This is the name used by the factory to define a specific cigar type of "Vitola" - that is, the ring size, length, shape, and cap finish.


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