Cohiba’ is derived from the Taíno peoples word for tobacco. Produced in Cuba, this unique cigar brand is made from specialist tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region. This tobacco undergoes an extra fermentation processes. The exact location of the Cohiba tobacco fields is a top secret state protected locationvery few know the details. 


Established in 1966, Cohiba cigars started as a private productionsupplied exclusively to high-ranking government officialof the Cuban communist party. A few years after the brands initial release the Cohiba brand had earned a cult-like status due to its rarity and restricted supply, having only been given to foreigners as a diplomatic gift. Cohiba Cuban cigars became commercially available in 1982 and are now one of, if not the most widely regarded and popular Cuban cigar brands globally. 


Cohiba Behike 


The word 'Behike' originated from the individual responsible for the Taíno peoples ritual, namely a medicine man. These are distinctive compared to other cigars within the Cohiba brand due to its larger girth. This is due to the addition of a rare tobacco leaf known as 'Medio Tiempo'. Cohiba Behike cigars create a lasting impression and intense flavour and are highly regarded as being the cigar that holds the true taste of Habanos. 


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