Bolívar cigars are one of the most famous premium cigar brands produced in Habana in Cuba. The brand is named after Simón Bolívar, who was a South American revolutionary, partly responsible for achieving independence and sovereignty for several of the South American countries under the rule of the Spanish. He was known colloquially as “El Liberator”.


Bolívar cigars are known globally for their very strong full-bodied cigars. This is mainly as a result of their use of Ligero i.e. the upper leaves from the tobacco plant. Ligero has different properties to the lower leaves, they take a far longer time to mature, and as soon as Ligero is matured the coarse leaf is used as a filler in the heart of the Bolívar cigars, this provides a very potent and spicy taste. This then adds to the cigar’s complexity and ensures a slow burn.



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